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N°41 ORGANIC | SunUp

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✓ Flavor | Noble mate
✓ Flavor Intensity | ◼◼◼◼
✓ Organic farming
✓ Designed for morning starts
✓ Hand blended
✓ Quality mix 99/100 | 7TEA®
✓ Sugar free

Real handwork from SH

100% organic cultivation

Packed in an environmentally friendly way

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The Birth of SunUp Tea - A Story of Discovery and Renewal

Our journey to create SunUp Tea began in a period of renewal. After our decision to change our original business model and focus on the true values ​​of 7TEA ® , we felt refreshed, invigorated and ready to break new ground.

We knew we wanted to create a tea that would capture these sensations - a tea that would help our customers start their day with energy, clarity and positivity. The tea should be powerful yet gentle, traditional yet innovative. It should reflect our unwavering spirit and passion for tea.

Our search first took us to Brazil, where we discovered the vitalizing properties of mate. Inspired by the natural power of this plant, we looked for other ingredients that could release a similar energy. This is how we came across Ashwagandha, a powerful plant used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine, and Guayusa, a natural stimulant from Ecuador. The addition of ginseng root, guarana, maca root and turmeric enhanced the powerful character of our new tea.

But energy alone was not enough for us. We wanted a tea that not only invigorates, but also refreshes and clears the mind. So we added refreshing lemongrass, aromatic green sencha tea from China and vibrant citrus notes from tangerine pieces and orange oil. Peppermint leaves and orange peel brought another refreshing depth to our blend, while the rosemary oil added a distinct, stimulating aroma.

After months of searching, countless tastings and constant refinements, it was finally here: our SunUp Tea. A tea that embodies all our passion and enthusiasm. A tea destined to help you start each day with joy and energy.

And so SunUp Tea was born, from our journey of renewal, from our passion for tea and our desire to offer our customers the best. Each cup reminds us of that journey and our mission to enrich the simple, everyday moments through the power of tea.

This is the story of our SunUp tea. Enjoy it and let it be part of your own daily renewal.

SunUp Tea - Start your day with energy and vitality

Our SunUp Tea is a carefully curated blend of mate from Brazil and ashwagandha, infused with refreshing lemongrass and exquisite green sencha tea from China. The balanced chunks of tangerine and fragrant orange oil give it a vibrant citrus note, while the addition of guayusa, peppermint leaves and orange peel add refreshing complexity.

The ginseng root, guarana, maca root and turmeric in this blend are known for their energizing properties and promote stamina and vitality to set you up for the day. A hint of rosemary oil rounds out the flavor profile, creating an invigorating aroma that invigorates your senses.

Every ingredient in our SunUp Tea is certified organic, ensuring you're enjoying only the purest, most natural form of ingredients with every sip.

Be enchanted by our SunUp Tea, which will help you greet each day with energy and vibrancy. It's more than just a cup of tea, it's an attitude towards life, an invigorating start to your day.

Please note that tea is a natural product and the color and taste may vary slightly from batch to batch.

Enjoy SunUp Tea, your perfect companion for an energetic start to the day.

    N°41 BIO | SunUp - 7TEA®
    N°41 ORGANIC | SunUp Sale price£38.00

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    J. Breunig
    Sun Up

    Ein sehr feiner Kräutertee.