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With mintN°02 | Organic fine chamomileN°02 | Organic fine chamomile
children's teaOn saleNo.03 | strawberry kidsNo.03 | strawberry kids
New mixOn saleTee im Glas N°04 | Honeybush Lavendel Brennnessel Bio-Tee - 7TEA®Tee im Glas N°04 | Honeybush Lavendel Brennnessel Bio-Tee - 7TEA®
BIO | Kräutertee mit Rooibos
No.04 | deep forest Sale priceFrom £6.00 Regular price£10.00(£85.71/kg)
Fruity sweetNo.06 | Paradise CoveNo.06 | Paradise Cove
NEWNo.08 | hibiscus dreamsNo.08 | hibiscus dreams
Winter miracleNo.09 | cream caramelNo.09 | cream caramel
Minty RefreshingN°11 | Minz Power - 7TEA®#11 | Mint Power
Power Tea - High caffeine content#18 | deep focus#18 | deep focus
RelaxingOn sale#19 | Deep Silence#19 | Deep Silence
BIO Verbene Lavendel | Kräutertee
#19 | Deep Silence Sale priceFrom £7.00 Regular price£10.00(£175.00/kg)
Spicy HerbOn sale#20 | Old Spicy#20 | Old Spicy
BIO Orange Ingwer Nelken | Schwarzer Tee
#20 | Old Spicy Sale priceFrom £7.00 Regular price£8.00(£82.35/kg)
Rarity Black TeaOn saleN°201 | Bio Darjeeling SFTGFOP1 Second Flush Singbulli - 7TEA®N°201 | Bio Darjeeling SFTGFOP1 Second Flush Singbulli - 7TEA®
BIO SFTGFOP1 Second Flush Singbulli
No.33 | Black organic tea with matcha Sale priceFrom £9.00 Regular price£10.00(£128.57/kg)
Stomach calmingNo.22 | Extreme stomach teaNo.22 | Extreme stomach tea
rarity#26 | sailor's yarn#26 | sailor's yarn
Save 38%N°27 | Orange Rum Karamell Bio-Tee - 7TEA®N°27 | Orange Rum Karamell Bio-Tee - 7TEA®
BIO Orange Rum Karamell | Schwarzer Tee
#27 | rum Sale price£5.00 Regular price£8.00(£71.43/kg)
RelaxingOn sale#31 | easy life#31 | easy life
BIO Lavendel Erdbeere | Weißer Tee
#31 | easy life Sale priceFrom £8.00 Regular price£10.00(£133.33/kg)
caffeine boostOn saleN°33 | Schwarzer Bio-Tee mit Matcha - 7TEA®N°33 | Schwarzer Bio-Tee mit Matcha - 7TEA®
BIO Assam Matcha | Schwarzer Tee
No.33 | Black Mamba Sale priceFrom £6.00 Regular price£8.00(£85.71/kg)
RelaxingN°34 Bio | Sundown Soothe - 7TEA®N°34 Bio | Sundown Soothe - 7TEA®
New mixOn sale#35 | Toncalicious#35 | Toncalicious
Fine aromaOn sale#36 | White Vanilla#36 | White Vanilla
BIO Vanille | Weißer Tee
#36 | White Vanilla Sale priceFrom £8.00 Regular price£10.00(£13.33/100g)
RecommendationOn saleN°37 | Ingwer Shot - 7TEA®#37 | Ginger shot
RefreshingOn sale#39 | Pomegranate Elderflower#39 | Pomegranate Elderflower
Suitable for iced teaOn saleNo.40 | berry loveNo.40 | berry love
vitalityN°41 BIO | SunUp - 7TEA®N°41 ORGANIC | SunUp
spiced tea blendOn saleNo.42 | Don't Be ChaiNo.42 | Don't Be Chai
thirst quencherOn saleNo.45 | Extreme powerNo.45 | Extreme power
Suitable for iced teaOn sale#46 | Pearfect#46 | Pearfect
Suitable for iced teaOn saleNo.47 | My ThaiNo.47 | My Thai
English tea timeOn saleNo.49 | Earl GreyNo.49 | Earl Grey
children's teaOn saleNo.50 | strong as a lionNo.50 | strong as a lion
Suitable for iced teaSold outOn saleNo.51 | Pure RubyNo.51 | Pure Ruby
BIO Grapefruit Hibiskus Ananas | Früchtetee
No.51 | Pure Ruby Sale priceFrom £8.00 Regular price£9.00(£94.12/kg)
energy boostOn saleNo.52 | ExploreNo.52 | Explore
Suitable for iced teaOn saleNo.53 | Turkish appleNo.53 | Turkish apple
BIO Apfel Feige | Früchtetee
No.53 | Turkish apple Sale priceFrom £8.00 Regular price£9.00(£80.00/kg)
fasting teaOn saleNo.55 | Mate mintNo.55 | Mate mint
BIO Mate Minze | Grüner Tee
No.55 | Mate mint Sale priceFrom £8.00(£106.67/kg)
NEWOn saleNo.05 | Fennel Lemon Balm Orange Organic TeaNo.05 | Fennel Lemon Balm Orange Organic Tea
NEWOn saleNo.05 | Fennel Lemon Balm Orange Organic TeaNo.05 | Fennel Lemon Balm Orange Organic Tea
NEWOn saleNo.05 | Fennel Lemon Balm Orange Organic TeaNo.05 | Fennel Lemon Balm Orange Organic Tea
NEWOn saleNo.05 | Fennel Lemon Balm Orange Organic TeaNo.05 | Fennel Lemon Balm Orange Organic Tea
Savings SetSave 42%Tägliches Wohlfühl-Teeset - 7TEA®Tägliches Wohlfühl-Teeset - 7TEA®
BIO 7TEA® Signature-Edition
Daily feel-good tea set Sale price£21.00 Regular price£36.00(£87.50/kg)

Why is tea good at lunchtime?

Lunchtime tea is an ideal choice for several reasons. First, tea, especially green or black tea, can be a natural source of energy that helps beat the midday slump. Second, tea can help promote digestion, which is especially beneficial after a meal. Finally, tea offers antioxidants that support the immune system and help the body defend against harmful free radicals.

Which tea should you drink at noon?

The choice of lunchtime tea depends on your personal preferences and health needs. If you're looking for a natural source of energy, green tea or black tea might be good choices because of their caffeine content. If you're looking for something to aid in digestion, an herbal tea like fennel or peppermint might be ideal.

caffeine in tea

Many types of tea, especially green and black tea, contain caffeine. The caffeine in tea can help increase alertness and focus, getting you through the afternoon. However, it's important to note that the caffeine content in tea is generally lower than in coffee, making it a milder option.

Best organic tea for lunch

Organic tea is a great choice for lunch. It's grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers, making it a healthier and more environmentally friendly option. In addition, organic tea often retains a more intense and purer aroma, making it a more enjoyable option for midday tea.

Energy for the afternoon with tea

Tea can be an excellent tool for waking up after lunch. The natural caffeine in tea helps increase alertness and revitalize you for the rest of the day. In addition, the ritual of drinking tea can give you a little break and prepare you mentally and physically for the afternoon.

Benefits of tea after a meal

Tea after a meal has several benefits. It can promote digestion and thereby help to reduce the feeling of fullness after a meal. Also, tea can help meet fluid needs and hydrate the body. Finally, tea provides antioxidants that can contribute to overall health.

water balance and tea

Tea plays an important role in maintaining a healthy water balance. It's mostly water and can help meet your daily hydration needs. Drinking tea, especially after a meal, can help maintain hydration. However, it's important to note that teas high in caffeine can have a diuretic effect, so it's wise to drink plenty of water throughout the day as well.