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type of tea
Caffeine/ Decaffeinated
herbal tea#17 | cold start aid
BIO Kräutertee
#17 | cold start aid Sale priceFrom £8.00(£160.00/kg)
Kräutertee N°18 | Coastal Power
BIO Mate - Grünteemischung
N°18 | Coastal Power Sale priceFrom £8.00(£160.00/kg)
Black tea#20 | Old Spicy
BIO Schwarzer Tee
#20 | Old Spicy Sale priceFrom £9.00(£112.50/kg)
Green teaN°23 | Dyke blossom
BIO Grüner Tee
N°23 | Dyke blossom Sale priceFrom £8.00(£133.33/kg)
Black tea#24 | Old East Frisian
BIO Schwarzer Tee
#24 | Old East Frisian Sale priceFrom £8.00(£100.00/kg)
Green teaN°25 | Dike walk
BIO Grüner Tee
N°25 | Dike walk Sale priceFrom £8.00(£133.33/kg)
Black tea - rarity#26 | sailor's yarn
BIO Schwarzer Tee
#26 | sailor's yarn Sale priceFrom £8.00(£114.29/kg)
Black teaNo.32 | licorice
BIO Schwarzer Tee
No.32 | licorice Sale priceFrom £9.00(£100.00/kg)
Black teaN°35 | Captain's chimney
BIO Schwarzer Tee
N°35 | Captain's chimney Sale priceFrom £9.00(£112.50/kg)
Green tea#39 | Pomegranate Elderflower
BIO Grüner Tee
#39 | Pomegranate Elderflower Sale priceFrom £9.00(£100.00/kg)
Black teaNo.42 | Don't Be Chai
BIO Schwarzer Tee
No.42 | Don't Be Chai Sale priceFrom £8.00(£100.00/kg)
Herbal tea - energy drink#44 | Mountain Power
BIO Kräutertee
#44 | Mountain Power Sale priceFrom £8.00(£100.00/kg)
Black teaNo.49 | Earl Grey
BIO Schwarzer Tee
No.49 | Earl Grey Sale priceFrom £8.00(£100.00/kg)
Green tea - energy boostNo.52 | Explore
BIO Grüner Tee
No.52 | Explore Sale priceFrom £8.00(£114.29/kg)
herbal teaNo.55 | Mate mint
BIO Grüner Tee
No.55 | Mate mint Sale priceFrom £8.00(£145.45/kg)
NEU - Schwarzer TeeN°58 | Be Chai Honig - 7Tea® Bio-Tee Onlineshop
BIO Schwarzer Tee
N°58 | Be Chai Honig Sale priceFrom £9.00(£90.00/kg)
NEU - FrüchteteeN°59 | Sanddorn Meer - 7Tea® Bio-Tee Onlineshop
BIO Früchtetee
N°59 | Sanddorn Meer Sale priceFrom £8.00(£200.00/kg)
Fruit teaNo.05 | Fennel Lemon Balm Orange Organic Tea
herbal teaNo.05 | Fennel Lemon Balm Orange Organic Tea

Why is tea good in the morning?

Tea for breakfast is an excellent choice for a number of reasons. First, tea contains caffeine, which naturally wakes you up and helps you focus. Second, tea is easier to digest than coffee, making it a stomach-friendly alternative. Finally, teas like green and black tea provide antioxidants that can boost the immune system and protect the body from free radicals.

Which tea should you drink in the morning?

The choice of tea for breakfast depends on your personal taste and health needs. If you are looking for a natural stimulant, green tea or black tea might be your best choices due to their caffeine content. If you're looking for something gentle on the stomach, an herbal tea like chamomile or peppermint might be ideal.

caffeine in tea

Most teas, especially green and black tea, contain caffeine. The caffeine in tea can help increase alertness and focus, giving you an energetic start to the day. However, it should be noted that tea's caffeine content is generally lower than coffee's, making it a milder option.

Best organic tea for breakfast

Organic tea is an excellent choice for breakfast. It's grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers, making it a healthier and more environmentally friendly option. Additionally, organic tea often retains a stronger and purer aroma, making it an enjoyable choice for morning tea.

Wake up with tea

Tea can be an excellent tool to wake up in the morning. The natural caffeine in tea helps increase alertness and get you ready for the day. Furthermore, the ritualistic nature of drinking tea can help mentally prepare you for the day and offer you a moment of calm before the day begins.

Benefits of replacing coffee with tea

Replacing coffee with tea can have several benefits. Tea tends to be easier to digest than coffee, so it can be a good alternative for people who are sensitive to coffee. Likewise, drinking tea can help keep you hydrated since it is largely made up of water. In addition, tea provides antioxidants that can contribute to overall health.

water balance and tea

Tea can play an important role in maintaining a healthy water balance. It's mostly water and can help meet your daily hydration needs. Drinking tea, especially in the morning, can help make up for the fluid loss that occurs during the night and help maintain hydration. It's important to note, however, that high caffeine teas can be dehydrating, so it's a good idea to also drink plenty of water throughout the day.