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We are water rats and you are invited.

The "About Us" page. Often the stage for heroic stories and tales that are almost too good to be true.

We have something real.

We are Jennifer and Michael, two former marines and enthusiastic sailors from Ascheffel near Eckernförde. Our hearts not only beat for the waves of the sea, but also for the tea.

yes tea Real, good, honest tea.

We sold our boat, yes, you read that right. Our boat, our pride to pursue our passion for tea. We didn't want to put random tea bags in colorful boxes and sell them as the next big thing.

We wanted to make tea what it should be again.

A faithful companion for everyday life. Pure, natural, unadulterated, and always organic. No frills. Simply tea as it should be.

Without overexploitation of people and the environment.

What began as a dream of two sailors from northern Germany is now a community of tea lovers who appreciate the simple and honest enjoyment of a good sip of tea.

And that is our promise to you: Tea as clear and honest as the sea that once called to us.