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Welcome to 7Tea® - More than just tea

Hello and hello from Altenholz!

We are Jennifer and Michael, the founders of 7Tea®. From Jennifer's time in the Navy and her experiences in the corporate world to Michael's career in the Navy and as a commercial photographer, we have learned that freedom, growth, love and quality are not only values ​​we live by, but in every sip tea that we create.

With our Hydration Magic Kitchen we make tea an integral part of a conscious and quality-oriented lifestyle. We firmly believe that every sip of tea nourishes not only the body but also the soul. Find out more about our journey, our values ​​and how we at 7Tea® are revolutionizing the outdated world of tea on our 'About Us' page.

About Us

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The dark secrets of the tea industry

Why organic tea is the safe haven

Sustainable right down to the last page

Revolutionizing the tea industry

From the sea to the tea leaves

My journey from naval officer to tea expert

Drinking values: How our principles shape 7Tea®

Tea time is life time

Tea in the modern lifestyle

What will the world drink tomorrow?

Tea trends and consumer behavior

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We are available for interviews in print, online, TV, radio and podcast media formats and would also be happy to write a guest article.

Jennifer Roch

  • Sustainable leadership: Jennifer, founder of 7Tea®, brings extensive experience from managing a sustainable tourism company, which forms the basis for the ecologically responsible orientation of 7Tea®.
  • Business know-how: As a business economist and experienced product manager, Jennifer has in-depth knowledge of corporate management and strategic product development.
  • Coaching expertise: As a certified business coach, Jennifer fosters a strong, values-driven team committed to the goals of 7Tea®.
  • Passion for quality: Jennifer's commitment to the highest quality and health is at the heart of the philosophy of 7Tea®, which is reflected in the selection and processing of the organic teas.

Michael Done

  • Tea sommelier with passion: Michael, the creative mind behind 7Tea®, combines his expertise as a tea sommelier with a tireless pursuit of exceptional taste experiences. His deep understanding of tea quality is the basis of our unique tea creations.
  • Visual genius and quality guarantee: With his experience as an advertising photographer, Michael not only ensures aesthetically pleasing presentations, but also ensures that every 7Tea® product meets the highest quality standards.
  • Pioneering spirit: Michael's urge to break new ground constantly drives 7Tea® forward. He continually seeks innovative approaches to tea production and presentation in order to continually enrich and improve our customers' tea experience.
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