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Green tea: your daily freshness kick

Green tea is the jackpot for anyone looking for a delicious, versatile and refreshing drink. In our 7Tea® range you will find a hand-picked selection of green tea that leaves nothing to be desired.

What makes green tea so special?

Green tea is known for its diverse range of aromas, which can range from grassy to floral. And the best thing: thanks to the careful processing, many of the valuable ingredients are retained. We won't go into too much detail with health claims, but green tea is definitely worth a taste when it comes to taste.

Organic quality, clear case

You know, at 7Tea® we attach great importance to quality and sustainability. Our green teas are therefore naturally organic. So you can enjoy every sip without worrying about harmful additives.

Which green tea is right for you?

Whether you like the classic Sencha, which impresses with its bitter notes, or you prefer the fruity and sweeter Genmaicha - the selection is huge. The fact is: we have the right green tea for every taste.

Conclusion: A tea for all occasions

Green tea is like a good friend: always there when you need it. It refreshes, invigorates and offers a range of flavors that really delight everyone. Just try out a few varieties from our range and find your new favorite tea.

Good luck and have fun discovering and enjoying! 🍵🌱