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House rule

House Rules of 7TEA ® by Peel of Tea

Foreword to the House Rules of Peel Of Tea UG (limited liability)

Recently, we have witnessed an alarming rise in law firm warning letters specifically aimed at harming small businesses . These practices are often carried out by law firms that are purely for-profit and are particularly targeted at small businesses, which often lack the financial resources to take legal action.

At Peel Of Tea UG (limited liability) , we do not take this abuse lightly. Warnings are made public by us and documented separately in a blog, which we will make publicly accessible after the verdict. We believe in transparency and fairness in our business and want to share these values ​​with our customers.

These House Rules not only serve to protect us from fraudulent and unethical practices, but also help us to keep our prices stable . By setting clear rules and expectations, we can ensure an honest and responsible business environment that contributes to the prosperity and success of all.

We ask all customers to familiarize themselves with and respect the following house rules. Your support helps us maintain a fair and transparent business environment where everyone benefits equally.

Prohibited Payments and Transactions
1.1 Peel of Tea does not tolerate transactions made through unlawful means such as counterfeit or stolen credit cards, manipulated online payment processors or invalid vouchers.
1.2 Fraudulent transactions under €500 will have the account blocked for one year, over €500 for three years. In the event of a recurrence, a ban of five years will follow. The customer will be informed about this.

Account Restrictions
2.1 Peel of Tea only allows private individuals to create accounts in our shop. The creation of customer accounts by bots or virtual machines with the intent to encourage malicious behavior is strictly prohibited.
2.2 Only one account is permitted per customer. Abusive account creations will be prosecuted and the customer will be notified.

Dealing with gifts and promotions
3.1 Gifts sent with an order must be enclosed in the event of a return. Promotions, discounts and promotional codes cannot be combined.

Unauthorized Returns and Complaints
4.1 In the event of repeated unfounded returns or complaints, Peel of Tea reserves the right to block the customer account. Depending on the amount of damage, different blocking periods apply. The customer will be notified accordingly.

Bans and Payment Restrictions
5.1 Information about blocks or payment restrictions will be communicated to the customer. This does not affect purchases made in physical stores.

Privacy and Fraud Prevention
6.1 In the event of an account suspension, Peel of Tea may record the affected customer in a fraud database. This is done in accordance with data protection regulations and serves to protect against fraud. For more information on data protection, see our privacy policy.

7. Legal Actions for Illegal Conduct
7.1 Any conduct that is clearly unlawful, including but not limited to fraud, theft or other criminal activity, will not be tolerated. Peel of Tea reserves the right to report such behavior or have it legally prosecuted by our lawyer. Customers who break the law may be immediately banned from all services and will be dealt with accordingly.

These house rules apply to all business relationships with Peel of Tea. By using our services, you agree to these terms. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our customer service.

Disregarding these House Rules may result in account suspension or inclusion in the fraud database. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our customer service.