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A new level of tea culture in the hotel industry

In many hotels, the tea offering is not given the attention it deserves. We at 7Tea® are here to change that. Our goal is to supply top hotels with top organic tea in order to offer your guests a form of appreciation that goes far beyond the usual level.

Top organic tea for top hotels

We understand that real tea lovers prefer the quality and taste of loose tea over a tea bag. That's why we not only offer exquisite loose tea, but also the matching accessories - all available in your hotel's own branding. This allows you to offer your customers an unparalleled tea experience that they cannot find anywhere else.

Our promise: quality and individuality

  • Exclusive selection: Our range of organic teas includes only the finest varieties, carefully selected for the discerning palate.
  • Sustainability meets luxury: With our offer you not only show your guests your appreciation, but also send a strong signal for environmental awareness and sustainability.
  • Tailored branding: From tea accessories to packaging, offer a holistic experience that reflects your hotel's identity while emphasizing the highest quality.

Offer more than just tea

With 7Tea® you offer your guests not just tea, but a holistic feel-good experience that will be remembered. It is a statement of quality, care and luxury - values ​​that your hotel represents and that make the difference to your guests.

Become a pioneer

Join us and set new standards in the hotel industry. With 7Tea® at your side, you offer not just a product, but an experience that enriches your guests' stay and keeps them coming back to you again and again.

Let's start together!

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