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WE are CO₂ neutral.

How do we do that? We do EVERYTHING in motion to offset our carbon footprint and carefully examine where there is potential for optimization. Did you know that most of the CO₂ is produced when the water for tea is heated? Be CO₂-conscious and only heat as much water as you really need for your delicious tea.


CO₂ - Neutral Tea

We also save where we can (but never on the taste, because that would be tasteless tea). We are aware that an online shop also produces CO₂. We need electricity, because our website should run. CO₂ is also generated during the delivery of our gourmet goods and we then realized it during production.

Tea absorbs CO₂

Our tea plants do not produce any during their growth
CO₂, but absorb it in order to be able to grow. (Did you know that tea plants are much more "eco-friendly" than coffee plants?). Since the
Most tea ingredients are still carefully and lovingly harvested by hand in many countries around the world, hardly any CO₂ is caused. Even shipping our ingredients does not affect the tea carbon footprint. Our tea comes to you with a CO₂ minus balance. Yippi.

The real CO₂ problem with tea lies in the preparation, i.e. the heating of the water. Here the balance of our hot drinks is worse than that of cold drinks.

Tip: Only heat up as much water as you need.