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A boat for children in Kiel

1€ from every tea sold goes to our project - A boat for children -

Social responsibility

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About the project "A boat for children"

"A boat for children" is more than a sailing experience; it offers children in difficult living conditions, especially those with health conditions such as ADHD, the chance to spend an unforgettable day on the water. It's not just about fun and adventure, but also about relaxation, recreation and personal growth.

How it works

For every sale of our organic tea for sailing fans, we donate an amount to finance this project. We donate one euro from each tea glass and 2 euros from 250 g of tea. These funds are invested directly in the purchase and maintenance of the boat and in the supervision of the children by qualified supervisors.

Who benefits?

Our main goal is to enable children from difficult backgrounds to take a break from everyday life. But schools and institutions that work with them can also benefit from this offer. The project is open to all children, with a special focus on those who need extra support and recreation.

From today we use every tea as support for our project. It is intended to enable schools and other children from difficult backgrounds to break out of everyday life and spend a day on a sailing boat free of charge and accompanied.

How can you participate or support?

Supporting our A Boat for Children project is as easy as enjoying a cup of delicious tea! By buying our organic tea for sailing fans, you automatically become a supporter of this inspiring project. We've deliberately kept it simple - there's no need for additional donations. Your tea purchases contribute directly to giving children an unforgettable experience on the water.

If you represent a school or institution and would like to take advantage of the program, we offer a simple enrollment process later.

With every cup of tea you enjoy, you put a smile on a child's face and help us bring this unique opportunity to more children. Thank you for being part of this exciting journey!

transparency and accountability

In our quest to win and keep your trust, we attach great importance to transparency and accountability. Here are some of the steps we are taking to achieve this goal:

  • Financial Disclosure: We regularly share information about how much money is in the project pot directly on our website. This way you can follow exactly how your support affects the lives of the children.
  • Formation of a non-profit GmbH: As soon as the boat is bought, we found a gGmbH that manages the money and acts in a non-profit manner. This structure ensures that all funds are used in accordance with the law and our ethical commitments.
  • Doubling your support: We take your support seriously and will double every euro you donate. In this way we increase our social impact and enable even more children to use this offer free of charge.
  • Active participation: We want you to be part of this exciting journey! We regularly share updates about the boat purchase, operation and the children's experiences on social media. This way you can experience first-hand how your contribution makes the difference.

Your trust is important to us, and we are committed to being open and accountable at every stage of this project. With your tea purchase, you not only help us, but also the children who benefit from this project. Thank you for joining us on this important mission!

Why a sailboat?

Sailing makes you free

When we sailed for the first time and felt the power of the wind, we felt a deep inner peace and contentment. We would like to pass this special, empowering experience on to children, especially those in difficult circumstances. With our project "A boat for children" we want to offer them the opportunity to break out of their everyday life and experience the soothing magic of the sea.

Where will the boat be?

The exact location of the berth is still being clarified, but we are striving for the boat to be stationed in Kiel or the area around Kiel, where it will be accessible in the best possible way. From buying the boat to using it - you can follow all the steps up close on our social media platforms!

This is how we want to achieve the goal together with you!

Our steps

to collect donations

With the sale of our teas, we collect funds for our project. Every tea sold brings us a little closer to our goal with a donation of 1€.

purchase of the boat

We have reached the donation sum of 50.000€ and now, with professional support, we start the search for the perfect boat. During this time, we concentrate on choosing the ideal berth and plan the kick-off for the successful implementation of the project.

YouTube & Co.

In all major networks we invite you to accompany us on this journey. We take you with us in the search for the ideal boat, the decision on the berth and full disclosure and transparency in all costs. We want this to be a community project. Follow us so you don't miss anything!

escort the boat

Our journey has begun and we will take you to the waters around the Kiel and Eckernförde Bays. Follow our tours on social media and look over our shoulder as if you were on board yourself.


project overview

support and funding

location and implementation

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