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We make tea for children

Your child may be drinking microplastics and pesticides right now - there is a better option

100% organic tea

100% organic with no harmful chemicals and pesticides

Sugar & Caffeine Free

A healthy life begins in childhood.

No permanent bond

You only ever order what you need.

Developed for children

Specially designed for intensive taste perception

We let our customers speak!

More than 100 day care centers already order their tea from us!

"We tested it and our children forced us to buy the teas. Rarely has it been so easy to offer children tea. Highly recommended and it's cheaper too!"

Isabel | daycare management

"Are super satisfied. Organic, sugar-free and the kids take it very well. The girls like it better and the boys mix it with sparkling water."

martina | Daycare management | Berlin

"Now even order privately here. The tea is really good and cannot be compared to the tea in a tea bag. Absolutely good."

Jutta | Daycare management | Hamburg

The hidden dangers in conventional tea

What if your child ingests microplastics and pesticides with every sip of tea? Unfortunately, this is a sad reality that many parents and caregivers in kindergartens often overlook. Conventional tea can be contaminated with:

  • Microplastics : Modern tea bags are often made of plastic fibers that release microplastics when brewed.
  • Pollutants and Pesticides : Many teas are grown with chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides that can leach into the end product.
  • Artificial Flavors : Many manufacturers rely on synthetic flavors to enhance the flavor of their tea rather than natural, healthy ingredients.

Our organic teas - A safe, healthy and tasty alternative

We believe children deserve the best. That's why we've developed a range of organic teas that are not only delicious, but also safe and healthy. Our teas are:

  • Certified Organic : Our teas are 100% organic, grown without the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides.
  • Sugar Free : We don't add any sugar to preserve the natural taste of our teas.
  • Kid-Friendly Flavors : Our organic teas have been specially designed and developed to suit children's taste buds.
  • Microplastic Free : We don't use plastic teabags, so there is no microplastic in our teas.

Offer the children in your kindergarten the best

Discover our selection of delicious, child-friendly organic teas. From fruity berry blends to gentle herbal teas - we have something for every little tea lover. Start a healthier tea break in your nursery today!

Take the first step towards a healthier tea break for your kids

Are you ready to feel and see the difference organic tea can make? Click below to learn more and place your first order. Because healthy drinking starts with childhood!

this is us

We are Jennifer and Michael. It's important to us that our children eat healthily, but don't have to compromise on whether it tastes good or not. For this reason we founded our KITATea with 7TEA ® and want to offer kindergartens a cost-effective alternative to inferior tea bags!

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