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Tea for summer

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Save 4%Summer Edition - Premium Isolierflasche 750ml - 7TEA®Summer Edition - Premium Isolierflasche 750ml - 7TEA®
Summer Edition - Premium vacuum bottle 750ml Sale priceFrom £22.00 Regular price£23.00
Minty RefreshingOn saleN°11 | Minz Power - 7TEA®#11 | Mint Power
BIO Mandarine Minze | Kräutertee
#11 | Mint Power Sale priceFrom £6.00 Regular price£8.00(£120.00/kg)
ExclusiveOn sale#21 | Relax#21 | Relax
BIO Mango Maracuja | Weißer Tee
#21 | Relax Sale priceFrom £8.00 Regular price£10.00(£145.45/kg)
WinterwunderOn saleNo.09 | cream caramelNo.09 | cream caramel
BIO Karamell & Mandarine | Früchtetee
No.09 | cream caramel Sale priceFrom £7.00 Regular price£8.00(£77.78/kg)
EisteegeeignetOn saleNo.56 | multi-fruit teaNo.56 | multi-fruit tea
children's teaOn saleNo.03 | strawberry kidsNo.03 | strawberry kids
Fruity sweetOn saleNo.06 | Paradise CoveNo.06 | Paradise Cove
BIO Aprikose Mango Moringa | Früchtetee
No.06 | Paradise Cove Sale priceFrom £6.00 Regular price£8.00(£85.71/kg)
RefreshingOn saleN°23 | Rhabarber-Erdbeer - 7TEA®No.23 | Rhubarb Strawberry
BIO Sencha Rhabarber Erdbeere | Grüner Tee
No.23 | Rhubarb Strawberry Sale priceFrom £8.00 Regular price£9.00(£106.67/kg)
EisteegeeignetOn saleNo.54 | coconutNo.54 | coconut
BIO Mango Kokos | Früchtetee
No.54 | coconut Sale priceFrom £8.00 Regular price£10.00(£88.89/kg)
NEWOn saleNo.08 | hibiscus dreamsNo.08 | hibiscus dreams
BIO Hibiskus Zitrone Rose | Kräutertee
No.08 | hibiscus dreams Sale priceFrom £6.00 Regular price£8.00(£109.09/kg)
Original from GreeceOn saleN°14 | Griechische Bergkräuter Bio-Tee - 7TEA®N°14 | Griechische Bergkräuter Bio-Tee - 7TEA®
BIO Original aus Griechenland
#14 | Greek mountain tea Sale priceFrom £6.00 Regular price£8.00(£400.00/kg)
EisteegeeignetOn saleNo.40 | berry loveNo.40 | berry love
EisteegeeignetOn saleNo.47 | My ThaiNo.47 | My Thai
Save 4%Personalized ISO bottle 750 mlPersonalized ISO bottle 750 ml
Personalized ISO bottle 750 ml Sale price£22.00 Regular price£23.00
EisteegeeignetOn sale#48 | Seute Deern#48 | Seute Deern
EisteegeeignetOn saleNo.53 | Turkish appleNo.53 | Turkish apple
BIO Apfel Feige | Früchtetee
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children's teaOn saleNo.50 | strong as a lionNo.50 | strong as a lion
EisteegeeignetSold outOn saleNo.51 | Pure RubyNo.51 | Pure Ruby
BIO Grapefruit Hibiskus Ananas | Früchtetee
No.51 | Pure Ruby Sale priceFrom £8.00 Regular price£9.00(£94.12/kg)
NEWOn saleNo.05 | Fennel Lemon Balm Orange Organic TeaNo.05 | Fennel Lemon Balm Orange Organic Tea
NEWOn saleNo.05 | Fennel Lemon Balm Orange Organic TeaNo.05 | Fennel Lemon Balm Orange Organic Tea
EisteegeeignetOn sale#46 | Pearfect#46 | Pearfect
Teezange - 45 mm - 7TEA®Teezange - 7TEA®
Tea tongs - 45 mm Sale price£6.00
Teefilter Set (Mikroplastikfrei) - 7TEA®Teefilter Set (Mikroplastikfrei) - 7TEA®
Papierfilter Nachfüllpack für den MYONECUP Teebeutelhalter - 7TEA®
Teeballzange - 50mm - 7TEA®Teezange - 7TEA®
Teeball Tongs - 50mm Sale price£6.00
Teeballzange - 50mm BLACK - 7TEA®
NewSold outSave 15%Fruit Explosion BundleFruit Explosion Bundle
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Tea in summer: Refreshing pleasure with iced tea
Enjoy a delicious refreshment with refreshing iced tea, the perfect tea variant for the summer. When the temperatures rise, one longs for refreshing drinks that quench the thirst while pampering the palate. Iced tea is the ideal choice to beat the heat while enjoying the incomparable taste of tea.

Whether at home, outdoors, or at summer social gatherings, iced tea offers a variety of ways to enjoy tea in its refreshing form. With a variety of flavors and ingredients, you can create and customize your iced tea to your liking.

A key to the perfect iced tea is tea selection. Choose high-quality tea leaves that are suitable for iced tea and whose aromas can develop well. Popular types of tea for iced tea are, for example, green tea, black tea, fruit tea or herbal tea. Experiment with different flavors and blends to discover your favorite iced tea.

The preparation of iced tea is easy and allows a lot of scope for creativity. You can brew the tea the traditional way and then let it cool, or you can opt for the cold brew method, where the tea steeps in the fridge overnight. Refine your iced tea with fresh fruit, herbs or other natural ingredients to create a unique taste. From citrus to berries to mint and ginger, the possibilities are endless.

Serve your iced tea in a glass with ice cubes and garnish with fresh fruit or a sprig of mint. After all, the eye drinks too! The refreshing iced tea is not only a highlight in terms of taste, but also a visual delight.

In addition to the refreshing effect, iced tea also offers health benefits. Tea contains natural antioxidants and can have an invigorating effect. Choose high-quality tea leaves to get the most out of your iced tea and benefit from the tea's health-promoting properties.

So, when the sun is shining and you crave a refreshing and aromatic refreshment, grab an iced tea. Be inspired by the wide variety of flavors and discover your own personal iced tea creation for perfect tea enjoyment in summer.