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NewSold outSave 15%Fruit Explosion BundleFruit Explosion Bundle
Fruit Explosion Bundle Sale price£22.00 Regular price£26.00
children's teaOn saleNo.03 | strawberry kidsNo.03 | strawberry kids
Fruity sweetNo.06 | Paradise CoveNo.06 | Paradise Cove
Winter miracleNo.09 | cream caramelNo.09 | cream caramel
Minty RefreshingN°11 | Minz Power - 7TEA®#11 | Mint Power
Suitable for iced teaOn saleNo.40 | berry loveNo.40 | berry love
thirst quencherOn saleNo.45 | Extreme powerNo.45 | Extreme power
Suitable for iced teaOn sale#46 | Pearfect#46 | Pearfect
Suitable for iced teaOn saleNo.47 | My ThaiNo.47 | My Thai
Suitable for iced teaOn sale#48 | Seute Deern#48 | Seute Deern
children's teaOn saleNo.50 | strong as a lionNo.50 | strong as a lion
Suitable for iced teaSold outOn saleNo.51 | Pure RubyNo.51 | Pure Ruby
BIO Grapefruit Hibiskus Ananas | Früchtetee
No.51 | Pure Ruby Sale priceFrom £8.00 Regular price£9.00(£94.12/kg)
Suitable for iced teaOn saleNo.53 | Turkish appleNo.53 | Turkish apple
BIO Apfel Feige | Früchtetee
No.53 | Turkish apple Sale priceFrom £8.00 Regular price£9.00(£80.00/kg)
Suitable for iced teaOn saleNo.54 | coconutNo.54 | coconut
BIO Mango Kokos | Früchtetee
No.54 | coconut Sale priceFrom £8.00 Regular price£10.00(£88.89/kg)
Suitable for iced teaOn saleNo.56 | multi-fruit teaNo.56 | multi-fruit tea
NEWOn saleNo.05 | Fennel Lemon Balm Orange Organic TeaNo.05 | Fennel Lemon Balm Orange Organic Tea
NEWOn saleNo.05 | Fennel Lemon Balm Orange Organic TeaNo.05 | Fennel Lemon Balm Orange Organic Tea

Ice-cold refreshed - pure joy in every sip

Pure refreshment: Discover our iced tea creations

In our Iced Tea category, we invite you to explore our carefully curated collection of refreshing and flavorful Iced Teas. With a variety of fruity flavors and refreshing ingredients, our iced teas offer a delicious way to cool down on hot days.

Our iced teas are made with quality ingredients and a pinch of creativity to create unique taste experiences. Whether fruity-tangy, tart-refreshing or exotic-sweet - our iced teas offer something for every taste.

Our ice teas contain exquisite ingredients such as fresh fruit, herbs and natural flavors that ensure a variety of tastes. Every sip lets you feel the summer freshness and refreshes body and soul.

Preparing our iced tea is very simple: simply pour cold water over it, sweeten as you like and add ice cubes to top it off. You can already enjoy the refreshing effect of our ice tea and let yourself be pampered on hot days.

In our online shop you will find a wide selection of ice tea varieties that will accompany you through the summer. From the classic lemon ice tea to exotic fruit varieties - here you will find your favorite ice tea for refreshing moments of pleasure.

Our iced tea range also includes certified organic options. We attach great importance to sustainability and support environmentally friendly cultivation. Enjoy the delicious flavors of our organically certified ice teas and experience refreshing indulgence with a clear conscience.

In addition to ice teas, we also offer matching accessories such as ice tea glasses and drinking straws. So you can round off your ice tea experience in style and feel like you are in an ice cream parlour.

Order our refreshing ice tea now and look forward to carefree moments of pleasure. In our online shop you will find all information about our ice tea varieties, prices and shipping options. Let the summer melt in your mouth with our iced teas and enjoy the taste of summer.