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Article: Greek mountain tea: A unique herbal drink with a rich history

Griechischer Bergtee: Ein einzigartiges Kräutergetränk mit traditionsreicher Geschichte - 7TEA®

Greek mountain tea: A unique herbal drink with a rich history

Greek mountain tea, also known as "sideritis" or "mountain-of-the-gods tea", is an herbal drink that has been cherished in Greece for centuries. In this blog post we will take a closer look at Greek mountain tea and explore its origins, the plant itself, cultivation, organic production, health benefits and its fascinating history.

Greece - mountains and meadows

1. Origin of Greek mountain tea

Greek mountain tea comes from the Sideritis plant, which is native to the mountainous regions of Greece. The poor soil and the specific climate of these regions contribute to the unique properties of the tea.

2. The Sideritis plant and its characteristics

Description of the sideritis plant, including its tough leaves, yellow flowers, and the different species that exist. Explanation of the nuances of taste and aromas that depend on the different types of sideritis.

3. Cultivation and organic production

Insight into the cultivation of Greek mountain tea, including traditional cultivation methods and practices. Emphasizing the importance of sustainability and respect for nature in the production of organic mountain tea.

Greek mountain tea

4. Health Effects and Benefits

Showcasing the health benefits of Greek mountain tea , including its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immune-boosting properties. Mentioning its traditional use for promoting digestion, relieving cold symptoms and for relaxation.

5. Fascinating History of Greek Mountain Tea

Delve into the rich history of Greek mountain tea, from its use in ancient times to its importance in Greek culture today. Mentioning prominent figures such as Hippocrates who endorsed the tea and its growing popularity internationally.


Greek mountain tea is not only a delicious herbal drink, but also a piece of Greek culture and history. Its unique origin, the Sideritis plant, traditional cultivation, organic production and its health effects make it a remarkable drink. If you are looking for holistic relaxation and a soothing experience, you should definitely try Greek mountain tea and discover the fascinating world of this traditional drink.

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