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Article: The versatile effects of sage tea - A natural helper for coughs and more

Die vielseitige Wirkung von Salbeitee - Ein natürlicher Helfer bei Husten und mehr

The versatile effects of sage tea - A natural helper for coughs and more

Sage, also known as "Salvia officinalis", is one of the oldest medicinal plants and not only impresses with its spicy aroma, but also with its diverse health benefits. Even in the Middle Ages, sage tea was drunk by monks and scholars to keep their minds fit. Today we know that sage tea can help with coughs and respiratory diseases and has many other positive properties.

The healing properties of sage tea

Sage's healing properties are due to its fleshy leaves, which are rich in essential oils such as cineole and camphene, as well as bitter substances and flavonoids. Here are some of the effects of sage tea:

  1. Relief of coughs and colds: The essential oils cineole and camphene are said to stimulate blood circulation, have a disinfecting and germicidal effect. This can help relieve coughs and clear congestion in the airways.

  2. Anti-inflammatory effect: Sage tea can also have an anti-inflammatory effect and thus provide relief from gingivitis and abscessed tonsils.

  3. Calming effect: In ancient times, sage tea was valued for its calming effect on nerves and the state of mind. It can help with nervousness, tension and anxiety and reduce stress.

  4. Menstrual cramps and stomach cramps: Sage tea is also used for crampy stomach pains and menstrual cramps because it can have a relaxing and anticonvulsant effect.

Sage tea and memory

Interestingly, sage was also valued in the Middle Ages for its possible memory-enhancing effects. A study from England suggests that sage tea may actually improve memory. It is therefore worth enjoying a cup of sage tea before exams or during periods of increased mental exertion.

Caution during pregnancy and lactation

It is recommended that sage tea be avoided during pregnancy as a precautionary measure as it may induce labor. Sage tea should also be avoided while breastfeeding, as it can reduce milk flow.

Sage tea is a wonderful natural remedy with a wide range of uses. Whether for coughs and respiratory diseases, to calm the nerves or to support memory - sage tea can be a valuable starter

be a leader on your health journey. However, always pay attention to individual tolerances and consult a doctor in the event of serious health problems.

7TEA®: High-quality sage tea for your well-being

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Enjoy the versatile effects of sage tea and experience the natural benefits of this wonderful medicinal plant. Try it out and immerse yourself in the world of sage tea with 7TEA®!

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