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Article: A look into the future of 7Tea®

Ein Blick in die Zukunft von 7Tea® - 7TEA®

A look into the future of 7Tea®

We haven't been on social media very much lately. This is of course partly because you literally stormed us and we processed the orders with it, but of course we are also very busy in the background. So many new ideas that we will implement and some have already implemented. Just look at the photo alone. Here you can see our new packaging. Because we not only want to have the best tea, we also want to dress it up just as well.

It is important to us that the packaging allows you to use the tea without any other containers, i.e. straight out of the packaging. Of course we could have used glasses, but they uselessly drive up the prices for shipping, the costs for us and for you.

Here you can already see our prototypes that are already on the way and of course there will also be a change in our tees. We've listened to the feedback and are listing a few tees. You will receive more information about what that will be in the next few days or weeks. We want to specialize even more in tasty teas and would rather offer outstanding quality than 1000 teas.

There will also be a new brand!

We're keeping a low profile here, because it will be something totally new on the market and was developed together with doctors and scientists (m) !

We are particularly proud of this because it will be exciting when we launch our new project.

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