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Article: Which tea should you take with you on vacation? - Pleasure and relaxation on the go

Welchen Tee sollte man in den Urlaub mitnehmen? - Genuss und Entspannung unterwegs

Which tea should you take with you on vacation? - Pleasure and relaxation on the go

When you go on vacation, you might want to take your favorite tea with you to have the usual enjoyment and relaxation on the go. Choosing the right tea for your trip depends on various factors such as your personal preferences, the destination and the availability of tea locally. In this article you will find out which tea you can take with you on holiday so that you can enjoy your tea on the go.

1. Bag tea or tea bags

Tea bags or tea bags are convenient for on the go as they are individually wrapped and easy to transport. You can simply put them in your travel bag or backpack and prepare them quickly and easily when you need them. There is a wide variety of teas available in pouch form, from black tea to green tea to herbal teas. Choose your favorite strain or try new strains to accompany you on your journey.

2. Herbal teas and fruit teas

Herbal teas and fruit teas are good choices for vacations, as they're often caffeine-free and offer a variety of flavors. They can be enjoyed both hot and cold and are a refreshing alternative to classic tea. Popular herbal teas for on the go are peppermint tea, chamomile tea, rooibos tea and lavender tea. Fruit teas with aromas such as berries, citrus fruits or exotic fruits can also provide a varied tea experience.

3. Travel size and portion packs

If you want to save space, travel sizes and portion packs are good options. There are special travel packs that contain multiple tea bags or portions and take up little space in your luggage. These come in handy if you're only going for a short trip or want to take a limited amount of tea with you. Note, however, that these options can often be slightly more expensive than buying larger packs.

4. Local teas

An exciting way is to discover local teas at the destination. Find out in advance about the tea culture and traditional types of tea in the destination country. Buy teas locally or from local teahouses to enjoy the authentic experience. This gives you the opportunity to discover new aromas and flavors while experiencing the local culture.

5. Accessories and Utensils

Remember to bring the necessary supplies and utensils to prepare your tea. This can be, for example, a tea mug with an integrated strainer, a tea bag holder, tea strainers or a teapot set. Depending on how you want to brew your tea, it may also be helpful to bring hot water or a portable kettle with you. However, pay attention to the safety regulations and guidelines for carrying liquids and electronic devices in hand luggage, especially if you are traveling by plane.

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