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Article: Sustainability and green tea: Why organic is important!

Nachhaltigkeit und Grüner Tee: Warum Bio wichtig ist!

Sustainability and green tea: Why organic is important!

We North Germans know: Quality is more important than anything. So when we enjoy our cup of green tea, we not only want it to taste good, but also to feel good about it. This is where the topic of organic comes into play. Today we'll clarify why this is important and what it has to do with sustainability.

What does organic actually mean when it comes to green tea?

Organic is not just a trendy word, it really makes sense, especially when it comes to tea. Organic green tea means that the tea is grown without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. This way the natural taste is preserved and the environment is also protected.

The impact on the environment

Anyone who relies on organic tea production is not only doing themselves a favor, but also Mother Nature. Chemical agents do not reach the groundwater and do not harm the surrounding flora and fauna. And who wants to have a frog in the tea garden that has three eyes, right?

Organic is better for you too

According to some studies, eating organic food can reduce the risk of certain diseases. Even if we don't want to make any health promises here, it's just a pleasant thought that you're doing something good for yourself with an organic cup.

Fair working conditions

Organic often also means fair working conditions on the tea plantations. Anyone who buys organic green tea often supports fair pay and good working conditions for the people who ensure our enjoyment.


Sustainability and organic are not foreign words, but an attitude to life. It is particularly important to pay attention to quality and sustainability, especially with traditional products such as green tea. So next time you pour a cup, remember: Not only is organic better, it feels better too.

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