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Article: Make your own iced tea

Mit 7TEA® lernst du, wie du deinen eigenen Eistee herstellen kannst. Unser einfacher Leitfaden zeigt dir, wie du deinen Tee in ein erfrischendes Sommergetränk verwandelst.

Make your own iced tea

Hello dear tea friends! As temperatures rise, so does the desire for cool, refreshing drinks. And what would be better than a homemade ice tea? We'll show you how easy it is!

1. Choose your favorite tea

Almost any tea can serve as the basis for a delicious iced tea. Black tea, green tea, white tea, fruit tea - everything is possible. Experiment a bit and find out what you like best!

2. Brew tea and let cool

Brew your tea as usual and let it brew a little longer than normal to intensify the flavor. Then you let the tea cool down. If you want it to be quick, you can also add ice cubes.

3. Sweetness to taste

Some like their iced tea sweet, others prefer it pure. If you want to sweeten your iced tea, you can use sugar, honey, or agave nectar. Be sure to add the sweetener while the tea is still warm so that it dissolves properly.

4. Add freshness

Now comes the creative part: add fresh ingredients to your iced tea to make it even tastier. Lemon or orange slices, fresh mint, berries or even a dash of fruit juice - there are no limits to your imagination!

5. Serve cold

Place the iced tea in the refrigerator for a few hours to allow it to cool properly. Serve with ice cubes and enjoy the refreshing taste of your homemade iced tea!

Making your own iced tea is really easy and you can customize it exactly how you like it. Try it out and refresh yourself on hot days with your own delicious iced tea. Have lots of fun with it!

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