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Article: Organic Rooibos - tea with chamomile, anise and fennel: Ultimate relaxation for the stomach

Bio Rooibos - Tee mit Kamille, Anis und Fenchel: Ultimative Entspannung für den Magen - 7TEA®

Organic Rooibos - tea with chamomile, anise and fennel: Ultimate relaxation for the stomach

Are you looking for a high-quality chamomile tea that not only tastes delicious, but also provides a holistically relaxing tea experience? Then the " Extreme Magentee " is just right for you! With its delicate fragrance and great ingredients, this tea is a perfect choice to settle your stomach and relax your body. In this blog post we will take a closer look at this unique tea and show you how to prepare it properly.

The Magentee is a harmonious blend of chamomile blossoms, green rooibos, aniseed, fennel and dandelion. Each ingredient has been carefully selected to ensure optimal flavor composition and health benefits. The chamomile flowers are particularly suitable for the stomach and provide a calming effect. The green rooibos gives the tea a light note and at the same time provides valuable antioxidants. Aniseed and fennel add a pleasant flavor note, while dandelion has a digestive supportive effect. Together, this results in a unique tea blend that will spoil you with every sip.

One of the outstanding properties of the stomach tea is its suitability for the stomach. If you suffer from stomach problems or indigestion, this tea can have a beneficial effect and provide relief. Its soothing properties and natural ingredients are known to calm the stomach and aid in digestion. Whether after a heavy meal or just to relax, this tea is the perfect choice.

The organic quality of the tea is another important feature. It is grown according to the strict guidelines of organic farming, without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The DE-ÖKO-009 organic seal confirms compliance with these standards and ensures that the tea is free from harmful residues. In the production of the Extreme Magentees, attention is paid to the highest quality and sustainability.

The preparation of the tea is crucial to achieve the best possible taste experience. For optimal steeping time, you should let the tea steep for 5-8 minutes. Use a water temperature of 100°C to release all valuable ingredients. The recommended amount of tea is 12-15g per liter of water or 2-3g per cup (200ml). Be sure to follow the indicated amounts to ensure a safe food and the best taste of the tea.

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