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Article: 7Tea and the passion of tea

7Tea und die Leidenschaft des Tees

7Tea and the passion of tea

It is said that people in the north are a bit cold. But when it comes to our passion for tea, we Northern Lights can get hot-blooded. At 7Tea, this passion for the golden drink can be felt in every cup.

Why tea?

Tea is more than just a hot drink; it is a philosophy. There is a world of flavors to explore, from floral to earthy, sweet to tart. And then there is the whole ceremony surrounding the pouring, which simply has something meditative about it.

The 7Tea philosophy

At 7Tea it's all about quality and sustainability. Because only the best organic tea goes into the bags. At 7Tea it goes without saying that this also includes an awareness of the origin and the people behind the product.

Our products

From classic green tea to exotic blends, every tea lover will find their happiness at 7Tea. And because good things can be made even better, Jennifer and Michael rely on exclusive organic quality.

From the online shop into the cup

Uncomplicated and direct, that's how we North Germans like to know it. That's why you can find everything a tea lover's heart desires in the 7Tea online shop, and the whole thing comes quickly and fresh to your home.

Passion for tea, that is the heart of 7Tea. With us you will not only find excellent types of tea, but also a philosophy that takes the entire tea experience to a new level.

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